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Private Charter

Explore South Australia By Private Charter

Discover South Australia your way. Max Tours offers you the chance to see exactly what you want to in this beautiful part of the country. Available by appointment and using our modern, comfortable charter, we can design a great value private charter for the day for your friends and family, work or social club.

Every aspect of the tour is customised to fit your specifications. We want more people to be able to experience the natural beauty of South Australia, so we are able to tailor our packages to your requirements and budget, allowing everyone the opportunity to see the Barossa the way it was meant to be seen. Whatever you’re planning and whoever you’re doing it with, make Taste the Barossa a part of your plan and start a conversation about our private charter service today.

Make a booking today

If you’d like to know more about our private charters, simply fill in the form below telling us a little about what you’d like to do and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a price and suggested itinerary for you to consider.

You can also call us directly if you have any questions.


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